Sled Legs

Sled Legs - Action Green

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Sled Legs - Lime Green
Sled Legs - Lime Green Sled Legs - Lime Green

Small Size - Riders 4'-5' Tall, Up to 125 lbs.
Large Size - Riders Over 5' Tall, Up to 250 lbs.

The Original Sled Legs in NEW 2018 COLOR Action Green!

With NEW 2018 COLORS: Winter Blue & Action Green plus LIMITED EDITION Power Pink & Acadia and back again the original Hot Orange

EASY RIDING – You’ve never experienced sledding like this before! Made in Canada and designed for any snow-covered hill, these Sled Legs are simple to strap on, easy to transport, and fun to ride! Run, slide, and sled with all the fun and none of the hassle of other toboggans.

NO DRAG – Each sled has a ramp design in the interior foam so you don’t have to worry about your toes dragging while sliding down the hill. Instead, your toes can act like a rudder, helping you turn or stop so you can be in complete control of your sledding experience.

SAFE & COMFORTABLE – With a sled made of ABS plastic and a molded foam pad for extra leg support and comfort, you can enjoy these shoe sleds without ever feeling discomfort in your knees or legs. Slide down the hill, run back up, and repeat, all without lugging around a cumbersome sled or having to take off your Sled Legs. With this plastic sled, you’ll want to stay out all day!

BEST OF BOTH WORLDS – Sled Legs provide you with the simplicity and joy of sledding along with the control of skis. Return to that winter wonderland of yesteryear and create a new experience you’ll look forward to every snowfall. Toss the old hill sled; when the snow is out, Sled Legs are the new in.


Learn to use Sled Legs in minutes!

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